Play with Potential


Flex derives skills and personality attributes from the way we play the games we love.

Games are a channel to the best and the brightest. Flex talent solutions work to improve diversity, elite, and post-millennial recruitment for the gaming industry, with additional applications in education, finance, and healthcare.

Our Products

Flex offers attraction and discovery technologies for games industry talent, all using video games.

Learn unique candidate attributes with our games data AI, or access new candidates sourced through video games.


Integrate our core AI directly into your talent stack, leveraging the unique insights of games to discover talent.


Let us provide original applicants, all sourced through game play and games assessment.

Improving DE&I

Video game data is differently-representative to education and socio-demographic data. Attract and empower non-traditional applicants with a new, original data set.

Candidate Insights

Came play data can accurately predict problem-solving ability, communications skills, developer skills, and more, as well as personality attributes like fluid intelligence and determination.

Or discover game and genre familiarity data, even amongst candidates new to the industry.

Candidate Experience

Flex assessments are candidate-friendly, requiring just a few clicks of a button to complete.

Try It

Get a Steam data Flex assessment for yourself.


Flex is on a mission to change how talent is discovered and understood.

Jonathan Holtby, Founder

“Rob here. Jonathan and I started Flex to improve how opportunity is distributed. He’d say ‘it’s the 21st century, we can do better than pieces of paper.’ He’s an experienced founder, and he’s spent a decade starting data privacy, AI, and HR technologies before this one.”

“Jonathan’s played a couple lifetimes of Civilization IV, V, and VI, and he cut his teeth trading Oculuses on Diablo 2 co-op. He doesn’t have as much video games experience as I do, but he might be more obsessed with Hearthstone than even I am so he gets a pass. Also for reasons I cannot understand he seems to like and be able to play Smash Bros.”

Rob Sargent, Founder

“Jonathan here. Rob started Flex with me to radically transform the way we treat talent in the gaming industry, where he’s worked for more than a decade. He’s a Senior Producer who’s run epic projects for Nintendo, Zynga, PlayFusion, and ARM, and he’s a National-level athlete in the UK.”

“Rob’s got a more varied and in-depth exposure to the video games oeuvre than almost anyone in the Flex dataset. He is a devotee of the JRPG, the MMO, the roguelike, the 4X, and more, and he finds it especially hard to ignore good storytelling. I think I would say that he’s a fan of the craft.”

Jason Miller, Talent Lead

“Jonathan here again. Jason joined Flex in 2023 after two decades leading talent teams, including most recently scaling Roblox from a few hundred to a few thousand. Jason’s an epic executive, a father, and a console aficionado. He saw the installation of game-based assessments at that leading talent organisation, and is brilliantly connected within the industry.”

“Jason plays Overcooked with his kids and NBA2K with his enemies, and is brilliantly optimistic about the future these games spell for humanity. He’s got about 30 years building Fantasy Football teams as well. Jason moved to Texas from California in 2018.”