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Accurately measure skills with games

Everybody is playing video games. With Flex, they can use their gaming data to prove Problem Solving, Patience, and Persistence skills.

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Identify top candidates without testing

Flex helps candidates showcase their most valuable professional attributes, just from how they play video games. Assessments are loved by candidates, and uniquely powerful for employers.

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Measure what matters

Don’t settle for self-reported questionnaire insights, or obstructive tests. Let your candidates’ gameplay do that talking.

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Quick, insightful, and empowering

Flex assessments are instantaneous, using data people have already generated. Our analysis is fast, statistically-representative, and always submitted with the full support of the candidate.


Anything a candidate might be demonstrating in a video game. We have hundreds of algorithms, from Problem Solving to Grit and Determination. Shooters often demonstrate teamwork, communications skills, and competition. Agri-simulators like Farmville and Stardew Valley often show resource management, organisation skills, and curiousity.

Flex Skills and Values is an integration specifically designed for gaming industry talent teams, that helps you priorities your candidates' alignment to your company values and priorities, in addition to standard experience and education criteria.

Flex is a candidate assessment tool without the “assessment”. If you’re a candidate, you can get a Flex for free at If you’re an in-house or agency recruiter, hiring manager, talent leader, or TA specialist, Flex is designed to help you understand more about the candidates you want to work with than you ever have.

Yes, Flex is available to select customers in pilot beta. Get in touch with the team to activate your trial today, or talk to us about custom integrations with the hiring and applications software you already use.

Flex measures soft skills and professional attributes about candidates by analysing the video game data they’re generating at home in their spare time. Candidates sign up for an assessment and plug in their video game profile. In seconds, Flex analyses what they’ve done in video games, comparing it to millions of other players around the world. That information is shown back to the candidate, and they approve it for use in the application they’re submitting to work with you.

Go to if you play video games on Steam.

Yes – as a talent analyst you can access Flex data in your CRM, ATS, or other application management software once we’ve completed a straightforward integration. Get in touch to learn more about how you can start working with Flex data in your application flow today.

Many of the professional attributes that make us successful in the workplace are on display in video games every day. Resilience, Determination, Patience, Problem-solving ability, General Aptitude, and many many more abilities can be measured and compared using Flex data in a new unique way, empowering candidates to activate these abilities in their applications like never before.

Lot’s of candidates play video games today, so video game assessments can help us to understand unique things about a wide variety of candidates. But the most powerful results come from non-traditional talent, where the positive impacts alignment around skills and values can showcase the impact this talent might have better than would a conventional application.

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